Services Offered By Power Washing Companies

Pressure washing is a convenient way of exterior cleaning in a residential, industrial or cleaning set up. They are applicable for washing dirt, clogged debris and sediment on rugged or hard to reach places. Power washing can be done on the house decks and patio, rooftops, driveways, house sidings and other exterior parts of home, office or industrial property. While owning a pressure washer can save you some cash, contracting professional power washing companies or experts gives you increased value for service offered and saves you plenty of time.  There are many services offered by power washing company in arlington virginia;

Deck cleaning

Professional power washing experts and firms have invested into sophisticated power washing equipment that allows them to clean the deck and other parts of the property effectively. Deck cleaning involves scrubbing the deck with detergents to assist grease on the deck then blasting of the dirt with the pressure washer. This leaves the deck sparkling clean, and it becomes easy to remove stains on the deck’s wood and soil particles without damaging it.

Roof washing

A power washer handled by professional assists to restore the roof’s glow in no time. This is because roof washing contractors have knowledge on skills on how to handle moss, algae or molds that grow and stain the roof. Moreover, they know the best detergents and chemicals to use to remove the stains and eliminate the clog on the roof. Also, they use the power washer using the best cleaning methods and approaches which save time and preserves the structural integrity of the roofing shingles.

Fence cleaning


Fences complement the landscape of any property. Hence, due to human activity with time the fences may turn dull and dirty. Hence, regular cleaning by a power washing company is necessary as they offer professional assistance in proper fence care and cleaning using the right amount of water spray from the pressure washer to ensure that the fence is well cleaned. Pressure washing fences may allow one to paint their fences or restore them.

Siding and pavement cleaning

Most pressure washing experts offer quality services when cleaning pavement and house sidings giving them an impressive new appearance.

Window cleaning

Window cleaning

Professional power washing experts also offer window cleaning services. They use the best detergents to clean the windows before splashing off the dirt with a pressure washer.

Pool and patio cleaning

Pools and patios can get very dirty with continued use. Moreover, pools that have remained for long without use may turn greasy on its tiles.  Hence, professional pressure washers will assist scrub and clean ensuring that the pool’s surface and the patios are restored to their original color and glitter.